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At Bowen on Wilderness we specialise in Bowtech Bowen Therapy,  a globally recognised healing modality that utilises the method that was developed by Tom Bowen. Bowtech is a gentle and deeply relaxing yet dynamic form of bodywork that stimulates the ventral branch of the vagus nerve. This allows the body to passively enter into ‘rest and repair” mode via the autonomic nervous system.

About Bowen

Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is an effective and gentle form of body work that is considered appropriate for anyone. 

Bowen Therapy can assist with a diverse range of conditions including sciatica, back pain, asthma, anxiety, digestive trouble, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, migraine management, fibromyalgia as well as many other ailments.

Bowen can assist with connective tissue, tendon and muscle healing after injury and can offer relief from pain. Bowen is effective at improving mobility which also assists the body to heal, allowing more blood flow and hydration into the site of injury and into the connective tissue directly and indirectly involved with the injured tissue.

Other benefits include improved overall health, digestive health, and improvements in stress management


Bowen Therapy can assist with anxiety, stress management and anxiety related issues.

Bowen Therapy can be very effective at improving asthmatic conditions and can assist in asthma management.

Bowen Therapy can assist with improving sleep by activating the parasympathetic nervous system which promotes relaxation

Bowen can improve sports performance by promoting recovery, relaxation, mobility, improved focus and improved emotional and mental well-being.



Bowen on Wilderness reviews:


Over a lifetime I have done a lot of very hard sports such as football, boxing, surfing and many others.  To say my body is carrying old injuries is an understatement.  I find that Bowen Therapy with Bec takes away all my aches and pains in the most relaxing way possible.  I have had all sorts of different sports massages and therapeutic massages. I have found that Bowen Therapy has far greater benefit for me than these other treatments.  I also find that Bowen Therapy is a great source of stress relief. It is so relaxing that I enter a dream like state while I am awake. Perfect for the person who wants to calm their mind and their body.  I cannot recommend Bowen Therapy with Bec enough.      Nathan Brooks (Margaret River)

Bec has an amazing ability to deeply relax your body and mind while facilitating deep healing. She is an authentic Bowen practitioner who creates a genuine therapeutic experience.     
            Joey Sewell (Cowaramup)
Bec asked me to help her in her Bowen studies by being a long term client that she could practice her skills on. Bec knows me from surfing together and knew that as I was getting older my body was failing me in my most passionate pursuit, surfing. Since the very first session I knew I was in good hands. Her meticulous profiling of my various ailments just fired her up to helping me surf again. About two years later now I am enjoying much better health and fitness, using less drugs like anti- inflammatories and can say with complete certainty that Bec’s Bowen treatments are the reason for my health improvement. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Thanks Bec
Steve Wrightson (Margaret River)




How It Works

Bowen Therapy works through the autonomic nervous system –

Vagus nerve activation

Bowen moves activate the parasympathetic nervous system bringing the body into a state of healing or “rest and recovery”

Bowen helps the body to get the ventral branch of the vagus nerve functioning normally again.  The vagus nerve has the important job of ending your body’s fight-or-flight response once a stress has passed.

Having your vagus nerve functioning well is essential for mood regulation and is a potential treatment for depression and anxiety.

Bowen Therapy can help reduce inflammatory responses in the body

About Bec

Bec Sheedy-Ryan

is a qualified Bowen Therapy practitioner with a Certificate lV in Bowen Therapy. She is a member of the BAA (Bowen Association of Australia).


Bec became very interested in Bowen Therapy when she noticed the vast array of people that utilised Bowen Therapy as a reliable and effective form of natural pain relief that promoted deep relaxation, and increased mobility.

Since studying Bowen Therapy and seeing firsthand its profound effect on many different ailments Bec feels fortunate to be able to share this completely natural form of bodywork with others to potentially enable them to live a more comfortable and balanced life.

What to expect

 Upon arrival you will be greeted and asked to fill out a little information about the main reason for your visit and any relevant health conditions.

At the beginning of the treatment you lay down on the massage table (Bowen Therapy can also be done seated or standing if necessary) and your therapist will begin her treatment applying gentle Bowen moves in sequences.

During the session there are pauses or ‘breaks’ between sequences of moves where the therapist will leave your body alone allowing you to relax. This lets your body integrate the work that has just been done. The nervous system needs time to send information to the brain and then signal a response or adjustment in what is known as a feedback loop.

These breaks are approximately 2 minutes in duration.

Sessions may last up to an hour depending on the client and the client’s response.  The length of the session does not relate to the efficacy of the Bowen Technique. 

Less is more.

At the end of the session when you slowly sit up there may be a few further tests and some work done on your neck and shoulders if necessary.

Post session we advise all clients to:

Take short walks regularly

Take it easy and not over do it or drive long distances

Drink plenty of water to rehydrate cells and restore tissue fluidity

Wait for a week before any further Bowen Therapy or other form of body work

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The Clinic


5 Bankside Retreat Margaret River,
WA, 6285
(Located in the studio behind the main house)

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Monday – Friday: 1pm – 3pm

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  • If you need a treatment on another day or at another time just contact me by email or phone and I can arrange an appointment for you outside of the hours listed above.